Why agorism and voluntaryism, why not government?

Individuals Talking Back

Regardless what you may be involved in or have been involved in there is an entirely new generation of state loving, well indoctrinated and zombie like individuals who have no concept of the individual and embrace the idea of engaging in first person shooter style approaches with those who desire freedom. They have been raised believing war is beneficial and cops are necessary. They ignore the bad because it could interrupt the new episode of whichever show happens to be taking the majority of their time now. They want to read the Washington Post or watch CNN instead of seeing what is really happening around them.

Then there are those who have embraced the idea that we can somehow appease the state and turn on minds by allowing it to continue its negative actions against us. These are far more dangerous than those who are solidly indoctrinated into state worship…

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4 thoughts on “Why agorism and voluntaryism, why not government?

  1. Lady Agorist

    Larken Rose is an amazing speaker. There is so much confusion in the world its nice to see someone talking straight. I usually see everything he does and hadn’t seen this so it was a nice find.

  2. Lady Agorist

    I like some of his last words. “Reason and courage will set us free.” This is a powerful message. People who don’t like Stefan Molyneux always say that he is cold and mean. I don’t find that at all, I think he is quite reasonable and I always walk away from his writing and videos feeling very positive… one of the first videos I watched by him was “The Story of your Enslavement” it literally made me gasp !


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