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Join The LIBERTY.ME Community

As I described in early posts, such as Concurrent Voluntaryism – The Plan, my goal for this site was to encourage a greater sense of community among the growing, but still widely scattered, advocates for the freedom and dignity of voluntary social organization.

I am very encouraged by everything I have seen about Jeffrey Tucker’s new community. It looks like it will encourage exactly the same goals – only amplified to 1000 times what I would be able to accomplish here.

I have joined, and will soon have a url to communicate from. And since Jeffrey will be more effectively leading the community initiative, I will most likely go back to exploring the spiritual aspects of voluntaryism, as I have in my blog.


A Free Market in Doctors

The Future of (Price Conscious) Healthcare

by doctorcoin November 6th, 2013

Unlike many in the society believe, the true future of healthcare lies not in it being free to all, but rather in it becoming cheaper and more accessible to all. Governments, of course, are unable to do that, since they only redistribute money and don’t innovate. But also, this future in which healthcare is cheap and accessible is actually not so far away. In fact, it has become a reality anyone can experience right now and the only question that remains is how long does it take for people to catch up with this reality and how fast the changes are going to spread within the industry.

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Misplaced Trust: Government And Our Security

From Shawn’s WeebulTree Blog:

…Instead of waiting for local crime historian, (i.e. cop), to come and write a report about the harm that has already been done to us – or worse, to decorate our house with the lovely yellow ‘Do Not Cross’ banner – we might actually start thinking about proactive ways to actually keep the criminal outliers among us from doing harm to us in the first place.  We might come to realize that centralized government bureaucracies are not suited to provide the vastly individualized array of services needed to truly protect people under various social conditions, (e.g. the security needed for urban living versus the security necessary for someone with a family farm).  We might understand that security is a really a very personal, private issue that is in dire need of multiple decentralized solutions and private market innovation.

Thankfully, this process has already started.

We need much more of the same.

Build a network of people who share your values…

One of the frequent contributors to the Truly Human Society Forum, Lady Agorist, has added a valuable Page to her blog to serve as a repository of ideas related to ‘opting out’. I really like that one of her main points is to “build a network of people who share your values” – exactly what we are focusing on here at A Truly Human Society. Her page starts this way:

My philosophy on opting out is simple – vote with your money. I try to keep three things in mind when I need or want to buy something.

  1. Avoid transactions that include paying sales & use taxes.
  2. Trade with others as much as possible.
  3. Build a network of people who share your values.

Please check out her specific ‘opting out‘ ideas here.