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Concurrent Voluntaryism Hits The Blogosphere

Even though Voluntaryism theory starts with the sovereignty of the individual, from there it builds into social philosophy. Voluntaryists tend to be independent, but not anti-social. So, the (current) small number of voluntaryists may lead them to feel somewhat isolated. A major goal of the Truly Human Society blog is to help create a greater sense of community.

The THS concept of Concurrent Voluntaryism, voluntary society in parallel with the existing State, is already spreading via social media like twitter. And now some of my favorite freedom writers have blogged about it. One of the earliest blogs to mention THS was WeebulTree Blog. In this post, Shawn used a long quote from THS in his concluding paragraphs…

To put it bluntly, we need to stop wasting time trying to engage the State in some kind of liberty death match.  James Howe put it this way:

But what hope is there for ever achieving a voluntary society if it can’t operate in the presence of bad things or bad people?

Under the best of conditions, there will still be criminal gangs, demagogic and violent dictator wannabes, and lots of people who just don’t have the self-discipline to be voluntaryists. Under any realistic conditions, a voluntaryist society will be composed of only those who voluntarily participate, and a voluntaryist community will be faced with many external challenges.

We have those conditions today.

Now, the Government will violently interfere with voluntary interactions within our society. And, the Government will require, at gunpoint, that people in our voluntary society do things that they do not want to do. But why should that stop us from conducting ourselves, in all other ways, in a completely voluntary manner?

If those of us who have the desire and will to form a voluntary society begin to build up the basic structures and mechanisms of a voluntary, free-market society today, we will be, at the same time, creating a better world for ourselves and demonstrating to the non-believing masses that our ‘utopian’ ideas actually do have real-world value.

As Gary North likes to say, you can’t beat something with nothing.  It is true that we can’t sit around and theorize about what a voluntary society might look like forever.  At some point, we need to put it in practice.  To that end, the greatest need right now in the liberty movement is for people to start building alternatives to the State.  To some degree, this has already started with services like Bitcoin, Silk Road, and even a private police company, but we need lots more of it.  We need liberty-minded entrepreneurs, inventors, developers, investors, consumers in a wide variety of areas, and we need to build up these products and services to the point where they are robust enough to withstand attacks from the State.  If we are able to do that, then defeating the State won’t be a matter of trying to convince people intellectually.  The benefits of voluntaryism will be evident, and the State will become more and more irrelevant.

You can read the rest of Shawn’s post here.